Leni’s 1st Birthday! 

Today is Leni’s 1st Birthday!

… Update…

Leni’s chemo ended with her 3rd round, out of the 4 that they planned to give her. She went into septic shock again after the 3rd round and it was decided she shouldn’t go through with the 4th and strongest round of chemo. Leni’s been home for a few weeks with a few sprinkles of ER visits due to some unforeseen dehydration and infections.

And finally, one week Leni’s poop turned white. It’s a big “red alert” when it comes to poop. So back to the hospital where it was determined that her bile duct was blocked. She began turning yellow since her Bilirubin levels were increasing. But she would end up clearing the blockage and get better, unfortunately it would happen another two times. It was decided that she needed her gallbladder taken out.

Which takes us to last tuesday when Leni went under the knife for the first time and had her gallbladder removed. A week later we’re ready to leave the hospital once again.


#LoveforLeni An Art Auction Continued…


5906 N. Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA 90042
Wednesday, February 19th
Event Time 7pm-10pm
Auction 8pm-9pm

LOS ANGELES, CA – (Feb 5, 2014) On Wednesday, February 19, Slow Culture Gallery with the support of The Reed Space and The Young and Brave Foundation will hold a one night only silent auction in an effort to raise funds to help 9 month-old Leni Hsiao continue her fight against a rare form of Leukemia.

This is the West Coast leg of a bi-coastal event to where art, tickets and assorted goods have been donated to support Leni who has Acute  Megakaryoblastic Leukemia (AMKL,) a rare classification of Acute Myleoid Leukemi.

The show will feature work from Alelli Tanghal, Alice Dison, Amanda Lopez, Anthony Samaniego, Aryo Toh Djojo, Bam and Lanie Barcena, Bill McMullen, Cern, Charlie Becker, Chase, Chris McPherson, Claw Money, Dallas Clayton, Daniel Racz, David Choe, Deanne Cheuk, Dez Einswell, Dorothy Hong, Eileen San Felipe, Faile, Gary Baseman, Geoff McFetridge, Hassan Rahim, HVW8 Gallery, Indie184, James Jean (Hundreds), Jessica Rivas, Jordin Isip, Justin Krietemeyer, Katsuo Design, Kristofferson San Pablo, Matt Goldman, Michael C. Hsiung, Nomade, Our Open Road/Adam Harteau, Perfekt World, Rachel Pitler Hsiung, Raphael Tanghal, Rich Jacobs, Rich One (NASA Crew), Rich Tu, Ryan McGinness, Sayori Wada, Shepard Fairey, Stephen Platt, Stephen Stickler, Steven Harrington, Tamar Levine, Theme Magazine, Tim Biskup, Tobin Yelland, Tofer Chin, URNY, Vanessa Salle, Vashtie, Vicki Yeung. Other items are available to bid on by Adidas, Dwindle, Girl/Eric Koston, Greenline Beauty, Han Cholo, Innovative Leisure Records, Jen Lu/Hook Ups Decks, Karlita Designs, Knotwork LA, Knowhow Shop, lovejac, The Oinkster, Maximiliano, Sony BMG, Public School, Rick Williams, Talib Kweli, Tastemade, Warby Parker, YogaVibe and more. Bake sale goods provided by Ticings.

While currently the outcome of Leni’s treatments is unknown, they may include a liver transplant and/or a bone marrow transplant. While a potential match for Leni was found, here is still a desperate need to grow the registry for mixed race and Asian people like Chinese/Jewish Leni. The Young and Brave will be on-hand to answer any questions you may have about AMKL or how you can save a life by joining the National Bone Marrow Registry.

The auction was co-curated as a labor of love with the help of Antoinette V. Cardenas, Sophia Chang, Charlie Becker and Vantage Process. It was produced and co-curated by Genevieve McCaw with the generous support of Slow Culture Gallery.

5906 N. Figueroa St. Los Angeles, CA 90042
Wednesday, February 19th
Event Time 7pm-10pm; Auction 8pm-9pm
Preview the items at:
(New items added daily until Auction)

Facebook:       facebook.com/loveforleni
Twitter:            @loveforleni
Instagram:       WeLoveLeni
Website:          LoveforLeni.com

For Donations please contact:
Genevieve Becker

Press Contact:
Amy Meyer
Email: amy@meyerpr.com


An Art Auction Continued…


#loveforleni show is heading to LA! A second art show to continue the movement to support #lenihsiao and her fight against leukemia. If your in the LA area come out for a great cause, great party, better people and buy some amazing art.

Date &Time: Wednesday, February 19, 2014, 7:00pm – 10pm
Location: Slow Culture Gallery, 5906 N. Figueroa Street. Los Angeles, CA 90042

Let us know if you are coming on our Facebook event page!


Brief Update


We’ve been home now for more than a week. Leni has completed her official second round of chemo (of the total 4 needed). Her liver continues to improve with the spleen slowly following suit. She continues to gain weight and is getting stronger and stronger. But since nothing with Leni can be “normal” we were sent home with plenty of antibiotics and meds for both an unusual bacterial infection called Elizabethkingia Meningoseptica (which we in the hospital just dubbed “Queen Elizabeth”) and a thrombosis in her inferior vena cava. Our stay at home was nice but we’re ramping up for the next round likely to start in the next few weeks. Thanks for everyones love and support, and keep it coming!


Let’s Go Isles!

Here’s an upcoming event for all you sports fans! Come out and support the Islanders at the Nassau Coliseum as they play against the Anaheim Ducks! So if you’re one of them west coast transplants over here you can come out and show support for your team and show your LoveforLeni! Check out the event page here.



Happy, happy, joy, joy!

It’s been a long time since we’ve had an update, so get ready — this one is full of news, all of which is good and positive..yay!!

Happy Halloween to everyone and happy 1/2 birthday to sweet Leni who turned 6 months old on Tuesday. Leni, superstar extraordinaire has by all accounts continued to respond well to her chemo. She is doing so well that she has left PICU (pediatric intensive care) and her doctors are letting her go home between treatments. There is still a long and likely bumpy road ahead that will most likely involve a liver transplant before she can have a bone marrow transplant, but the best of the best medical staff are working their hardest to do the best for her. Go Leni and go Team Leni!!

In other great news, if you recall the Daily News article that Leni was profiled in, the other woman mentioned, Mandy Manocchio-Putney, was in search of and in need of a mixed marrow donor. We are thrilled to report that Mandy has now found a match!! We continue to wish Mandy all the best and we are still trying it keep the momentum going to promote bone marrow donor drives, especially targeting mixed marrow donors that could help others like Mandy and Leni.

Next, we have an update regarding the generous donations that have been made to the Hsiaos. To date, over $53,000 has been raised!! THANK YOU to the following recent friends who have donated:

ellen kinney, Karen Roth, John Rudic, ronald mattioli, Christina Sun, jessica papa, Ben Cheah, mcquenn sas, shira Witelson, Harlene Mangahis, Marie Pan Connors, jeanne dalba, Catherine Gladden, Hanae Mayeda, Susan Morgan, Beth Newborn, Paul Davenport, Joachim Meyer, Jacqueline Lee, Thu Duong, Kristi Gu, Jordan Schmidt, James Cabezas, Jason Tatro, jill meisner, Lyndseys Closet, Lauren Levy, Morgan Dupont, Kristian Del Rosario, Sophie Bambuck, Sabrina Li, Gina Pagano, marci tapper, Miss Wang, James Porto, Andreas koukorinis, Alia Orane, Eura Mun, Tyler Haddad, Robert Karnay, Harish Devarajan, Andreas koukorinis, Trecie Greenblatt, Kristina Markovic, Kamala Randjelovic, Capes Coaching, jimmy phan, elizabeth giardina, Howard Levine, Linda Kuitwaard, John Hall, Euwon Kim, Victoria Stravakos, Sean E Risley, crystal panchano, juliette oliver, lislie yeung, Helena Elicerio, Alisha Laramee, rena tucker, Nidhi Malhotra, Beau Ideal LLC, Tali Abramovich Shalev, Coreena Kutchback, ericka kang, Sareer Fazili, Bonnie Zellers, janelle sinclair, Samantha Shankin, ann madore, rachel reed, Jian Chen, Jamal Mahmood, Yun Ah Choi, Reham Habib, Dan Rosenthal, Nora Oconnor, Anthony Perrotta, Julie Buske, Melissa Gorman, Maayan Laufer, stephanie spangler, Ronnie Schwartz, Sheri Sicurella, ashley miller, Nichole Walker, stefania giabardo, Michelle Garcia, ANDREW GOLD, Linda Marsala, deanne cheuk, Martha Prakelt, Myles Karr, MATTHEW RHODEN, Juliana Jacobs, lori krauss, Elizabeth McKay, Frank Albrezzi, Holly Foster, Wendy Spitaliere, Estelle cotterill, steven chang, Amy Small, Elia Martinez, Leonardo Renna, jessica way, Nora Oconnor, Tracy Munson, Christine Molina, JCAR LLC, Eva Butler, Raysa Donaldson, Jill Shapiro, Ricardo Silva, Anais Lavalli, Karen Cook, Irena Como, Margaret Hemkens

A huge, huge thank you also goes to Speedy Romeo, S-10 Training, Hype Gym/DoGoodBuyUs, Beau Ideal Editions and Blueprint Studio for the promotions and events that were organized and held throughout September and October, which raised thousands of dollars that went directly to the Hsiasos, or the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). THANK YOU so so much for your unexpected generosity!

Last, but not least, a special shout out and thank you goes to Jeff Staple, Sophia Chang, Louis Songor, the entire crew at Reed Space as well as all of the amazing, amazing artists that donated their talent for the oh so amazing loveforLeni silent auction that was hosted in early October to benefit Leni. For all who were lucky enough to attend, we’re sure you will agree that it was great night that we wished didn’t have to end.

Thank you to everyone for donating, attending, buying, supporting in all the ways that you have…you are all amazing people and your generosity is appreciated beyond what words can describe and will NEVER be forgotten.